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Luigi moved from Italy to the US in 2011 and lives in Miami, Florida with his wife and two children. Luigi enjoys cooking and is an aficionado of tennis and mixed martial arts sports.

Who We Are

Sartorial Gherardi is a brand created in 2015 by Luigi Gherardi. It was born by bringing true Italian craftsmanship and tailoring from his family of master tailors in Naples, Italy.

Sartoria Gherardi is a place where our clients will not only get top quality garments but they will also look their absolute best. Our brand has evolved throughout the years with our clients in mind, bringing the best fabrics, materials and tailoring techniques to support each and every one of you.


Luigi was born in Naples, IT.
Luigi immerges himself in the tailoring world helping his dad after school. Luigi feels immediately passionate about it and wants to learn more everyday.
Luigi starts working with some of the most prestigious tailoring in Italy and in Saville Row in London.
Luigi is back with his family with the idea to expand Gherardi worldwide.
Luigi moves permanently to Miami and takes care of all the USA customers and business!